Join us at NUPIT and support our campaign for

- better pay

- fair terms and conditions

- minimum qualification requirement

- professional regulation.


During the COVID-19 crisis from 1st April 2020 NUPIT Members will pay the following rates depending on whether they are currently paying either the Basic or the Enhanced subscription rates and if they are paying into the Political Fund

1) Temporary Low Pay Basic which will be:

With Political Fund: £2.25 per week or £9.75 per month

Without Political Fund:  £2.15 per week or £9.32 per month

2) Temporary Low Pay Enhanced  which will be :

With Political Fund : £2.55 per week or £11.05 per month

Without Political Fund £2.45 per week or £10.62 per month.

(2) is for members currently paying the Enhanced Subscription rate and enables them to keep their entitlement to benefits

There is no need for NUPIT members to apply for this rate. Instead Unite has altered the rate for each member on the Unite Membership system so any direct debit payments will be altered automatically.